Simplify Your Job Search with an AI Assistant

Catalogue Your Experience
Quickly import your work experience by uploading an existing CV.
Generate Documents with AI
When you start a job application generate a cover letter immediately with AI.
Automatic Applications (coming soon)
Build your professional work profile in Future Career Paths, and submit automated job applications to companies.
Manage Your Network New!
Organise your business contacts, and keep notes on meetings with recruiters and hiring managers.

How it Works

Step 1

Build Your Profile

Upload your existing Resume, and automatically build your profile with all of your work experience.

Building a profile helps inform your AI assistant about your skills and experience. Once you've created a detailed profile you will be able to use AI to write cover letters, and get personalised suggestions about your job search.

Step 2

Start Applying For Jobs

Store the job description and other important information for easy reference.

We can also use this information, along with your profile to help craft compelling cover letters that will help you stand out.

Step 3

Track Your Progress

Keep a track of the status of your job applications, and make notes about any interviews you have.

If you're applying for lots of jobs it can be easy to lose track of them all. Stay on top of things with Future Career Paths so you know exactly where all of your job applications stand.

Pay What You Want

Don't find a job? Don't pay a cent. Once you a land a job, then pay it forward with whatever you want.

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What’s included

  • Contact Management
  • Job Application Tracker
  • Interview Management
  • AI Generated Cover Letters

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