Job Interviews

Always be Applying (Yes, Always)

Job hunting is a pain in the ass. It’s also a skill though, and like most skills, you need to practice if you want to stay sharp. Consistently finding ways to test yourself against the market, and staying sharp, can have a massive positive impact on your career for a number of reasons.

You’ll Stay Relevant and Competitive

The world is changing faster than ever, and so are the skills and qualifications that employers demand. Stay head down at one company for two long and you might get a few years down the road and realize that you’ve fallen behind the times. Are there new tools you aren’t getting exposure to, has your industry's best practices changed? How would you know? By understanding the job market, and maybe interviewing at a few places you’ll get to talk to hiring managers and know what skills are most valuable to the industry – not just your current employer.

You’ll Grow Your Network and Knowledge

You are going to meet new people and discover new trends. You’ll connect with recruiters, hiring managers, and other professionals who can offer you valuable insights, feedback, or referrals. Even if you don’t take up a new job now, these people are the same types of people that might be able to help you down the line. You’ll also see what skills and qualifications are hot, what challenges and opportunities are emerging, and what salary and benefits are fair. By doing this, you’ll expand your horizons and gain a better understanding of the job market.

You’ll Stay Hungry

If you stay sharp you’re going to land interviews, and from there you’ll see how you stack up against other candidates, how much you’ve grown in your career, and how much potential you have. You might even find you get job offers for roles that you didn’t think you could get, and then you’ll realize just how far you can push yourself and your career. Constantly finding new people that want to tell you you’re great and that they want to hire you, is great for your self-esteem.

The Bottom Line

Job hunting is a pain, but it’s also incredibly valuable . It’s a habit that you get into to improve your life. By applying for jobs regularly, even if you’re not actively looking for one, you’ll enjoy many benefits that will help you grow personally and professionally. So don’t be complacent, stay curious and hungry. You never know what opportunities are out there.